Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Assessment Tool had been developed to evaluate the presence of fatty infiltration of the liver among general populations which might be asymptomatic for long time among most population. This application was created based on evaluation of established risk factors and a cohorts study conducted in the Middle East which evaluates the accuracy and validity for the risk assessment of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using Computer based calculator on this website and on a mobile app which can be installed on Google play called namely: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Score.

Non Alcoholic Liver Disease Score is a calculator using an algorithm that can give you the probability of having the disease and build relations between NAFLD and liver health with three risk categories: most likely (Very high risk of having the disease), likely (Significant risk of having the disease) and unlikely (No significant risk of having the disease) which means it’s unlikely to have the disease.

Note; With the first and second results it means that there is a higher probability of having the disease.