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This application or website was developped by Hussam Abumousa MD, Consultant Internal Medicine, to help General Population to seek medical advice when indicated during the asymptomatic period of the disease using this smart early diagnostic tool as a part of preventive medicine for patient safety.
Since this score was newly developed and we are continuously working on it to insure higher accuracy and better quality of information’s that might be concluded from this application or website this is to make it a very clear statement that this application or website Can’t replace the advice of the professional medical doctor that should confirm the accuracy of the information gathered from this website and hence we are advising you not to take any action as a response to the information brought to you by this application or website away from the advice of your medical doctor, and any use of this application or website out of this role will be under the responsibility Of the user since we are not accepting any responsibility as a consequence to any error or omission in the information provided by the application or website.
As a part of the continuous effort to make this application or website responses more accurate and informative, the information and results from this application or website Might be a subject to update or additions of informationand or tools.

The application or website might provide links to other Internet sites or a service to the visitor and assumes no responsibility for any contents or errors and doesn’t imply a recommendation for that site.

Professor LLC retain the copyright of this Application or website, the permission to use or reprint content from this application or website for third party entity like companies or organizations (Except in personal uses with third party persons) should be obtained form Professor LLC by emailing Dr. Hussam Abumousa to

The contents of this application or website are provided at first place to the end-user and are not to be reprinted or photocopied for redistribution to third parties, except with prior permission from Professor LLC.

Your Personal Informations:

The entered personal information in the non-alcoholic fatty live score application or website does not recorded or stored any personal information’s which considered completely confidential information that we are not collecting except when the user requested that for the purpose of research growth and development.

This application or website uses third parties related cookies and some non-alcoholic fatty liver disease score specific Cookies,

Any user would like to contact us regarding problems with the use of this application or website or its associated contents or for cooperation, please to contact Islam via email to

Professor LLC have the right to update and or change the policy without the users notification.