Q: What is the Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease assessment tool (NAFLD-AT) ?
A: The Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease assessment tool NAFLD-AT is a new independent noninvasive NAFLD diagnostic tool
used for NAFLD screening to evaluate the fatty accumulation or infiltration in the liver among general population which might be difficult to be evaluated since most of the time it will be asymptomatic, so this assessment tool created to evaluate the risk of the disease based on the use of a clinical risk factors which associated with this disease.

Q: What is the benefit of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease assessment tool ?
A: NAFLD-AT came as a response to the challenging need of a practical non invasive tool to diagnose this asymptomatic epidemic disease entity in an early stage as a prophylactic measure to avoid its serious drawbacks or complications in a cost-effective manned with easy user interface.

Q: How it works ?

A:  You will have assessment of the this liver disease probability by evaluating the following 10 risk factors:

1. Age

2. Waist circumference.

3. Body Mass Index (BMI)

4. History of Diabetes Mellitus.

5. History of Hypertension.

6. History of Dyslipidemia or high blood cholesterol levels.

7. Level of physical activity (practicing regular exercise).

8. Daily Sugar or carbohydrates rich food consumption.

9. Daily sugar or carbohydrates containing drinks (Including cold and hot drinks) consumption.

10. Family history of a first degree relatives diagnosed with Diabetes, Hypertension or high cholesterol before the age of 60 year.

Q: What is the benefit of early diagnosis of this disease ?
A: As any disease it’s preferred to be early diagnosed since it can be reversible early on and the treatment will be much easier than late diagnosis which have more risk of complications some of which will be serious and irreversible with the delay in diagnosis and treatment.
Q: Is it treatable?
A: Yes, on the mainstay of treatment is lifestyle modification by practicing exercise and modifying dietary habits.

Q: If there is any medication for the treatment of this disease?
A: There is medications that can be given to those type of patients after physical evaluation on an individual basis which should be done by the professional physician.

Q: There is any complications if not treated?
A: Yes, there is a complications which can vary on Individual bases.

Q: Is it serious complications?
A: Usually complications occurs on the long run and sometimes it could be serious.

Q: What should you do if your result is likely or most likely?
A: Seek your doctor medical advise.